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Jay Arthur
KnowWare International, Inc.
DBA LifeStar

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  Jay Arthur works with companies that want to plug the leaks in their cash flow. Jay may be the only improvement specialist that understands and can help you pinpoint areas for improvement in processes, people, and technology:
  • Processes - Are you throwing away 25-40% of every dollar you spend? If you don't have a systematic improvement method, you may be.

    Less than four percent of any business causes over 50 percent of the waste, rework, and lost profit. Jay helps companies find the hidden gold mine in the business through laser-like focus on just a few key areas of the business.

  • People - Have you ever noticed that conflict kills productivity? Jay helps teams understand their communication styles and restore broken connections.

  • Technology - Have you or your company ever spent a lot of time and energy implementing a information system only to discover that you've solved the wrong problem? Jay has 30 years experience developing software on everything from mainframes to PCs. Some problems are better solved in other ways.
He has over 25 years of experience in aligning people, process, technology and spirit in a wide variety of environments to deliver business results. How can Jay help you? Do you need to:
  • Increase profits by plugging the leaks in your cash flow?
  • Simplify, streamline and automate monthly reporting, defect tracking, and supplier analysis?
  • Improve communication by reducing conflict and confusion?

JAY ARTHUR is the author of the Six Sigma System, The QI Macros SPC Software for Excel, Your Seventh Sense - How to think like a comedian, Motivate Everyone, the Motivation Profile, and has written six popular John Wiley & Sons books on software engineering.

P.S. You can reach Jay TOLL FREE at: (888) 468-1537 (303) 756-9144. Or by email: knowwareman@mindspring.com.



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