Core Values

Check all answers that apply.

  1. The magazines or books that I like are mainly about:
    a. People (e.g., People, Self, biographies)
    b. Places (e.g., National Geographic, Local Magazines)
    c. Activities (e.g., Sports Illustrated, Quilting, Sail)
    d. Trade, technical, or professional information
    (e.g., Scientific American, Business Week, etc.)
    e. Lifestyle or things (e.g., Cosmopolitan, Consumer Reports)

  2. When I go out to have a good time, I like to . . .
    a. visit or be with people I know.
    b. visit interesting or enjoyable places.
    c. go dancing, attend sporting events, or do something fun.
    d. go to lectures, seminars, or other events where I can learn.
    e. go shopping at flea markets, shopping malls or any other place where I can browse the merchandise.

  3. When I'm traveling, I like to . . .
    a. interact with the people I meet.
    b. explore the lay of the land and experience the place.
    c. do everything thatís unique to a particular location.
    d. visit all the museums and study the local history.
    e. look for something to add to my collection.

  4. The important thing about where I live is . . .
    a. friends or family that live near by.
    b. the location.
    c. the things I can do here.
    d. the opportunities for learning and experiencing new ideas.
    e. the convenience of finding any thing I may want or need.

  5. On holidays, I like to . . .
    a. spend time with my family.
    b. relax at home or in some special place.
    c. do something festive--cooking, decorating, etc.
    d. spend time reading and thinking.
    e. decorate the house and give everyone little gifts.

  6. I like to eat my meals . . .
    a. with family, friends, or somewhere that I can watch people.
    b. at home or in my favorite restaurants.
    c. after working hard.
    d. while reading the paper, watching TV, working, etc.
    e. in the dining room on my favorite dishes or finer restaurants.

  7. When I take time to relax, I like to . . .
    a. do things with friends or family.
    b. visit interesting places or just do things around home.
    c. participate in sports or some other activity.
    d. learn about new people, places, or things.
    e. spend time in stores looking for something new.

  8. My favorite things about school were . . .
    a. my friends and teachers.
    b. where I went to school.
    c. physical activities, or classes on crafts, cooking, or mechanics.
    d. the classes I took and the things I learned.
    e. dressing in the latest style.

  9. The ideal job for me would . . .
    a. involve wonderful and interesting people.
    b. be located in a place that suits my tastes and desires.
    c. have interesting and enjoyable things to do.
    d. provide opportunities to learn and grow personally.
    e. give me the income to buy what I want.

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