Achiever-Problem Solver

Check all answers that apply.

  1. When I take time to relax, I like . . .
    a. doing something safe and familiar.
    b. going places and doing things that are new and interesting.

  2. When I need to do something unpleasant, I usually . . .
    a. put it off until the last minute.
    b. get it done to make room for more enjoyable things.

  3. Regarding activities, I tend to . . .
    a. avoid participating because of the possible consequences.
    b. get involved and have fun.

  4. When it comes to jobs and relationships . . .
    a. I stay until I can no longer tolerate it.
    b. I keep looking for the right one to match my dreams.

  5. I think about money because . . .
    a. I might not have enough to pay my bills.
    b. I like to enhance my earning and purchasing ability.

  6. When I am driving, I . . .
    a. drive the speed limit to avoid getting a ticket.
    b. think about what I'm going to do when I get to my destination.

  7. When I think about buying something, I think about . . .
    a. how to avoid being sold something I don't want.
    b. the pleasure it will give me.

  8. When the situation presents itself, I . . .
    a. avoid meeting new people unless they approach me first.
    b. enjoy meeting new people.

  9. People sometimes describe me as . . .
    a. a devil's advocate.
    b. someone always thinking about the possibilities.

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