Check all answers that apply.

  1. I am more comfortable when I am . . .
    a. by myself.
    b. with other people.

  2. When it comes to making decisions about where to go, what to do, or what to buy, I . . .
    a. make my own decisions.
    b. rely on other people.

  3. At work, I tend to . . .
    a. decide what needs to be done and do it.
    b. rely on others to give me direction.

  4. When I'm getting dressed I. . .
    a. decide what would look best.
    b. wonder what others will think of what I wear.

  5. When joining friends for lunch, I tend to . . .
    a. encourage them to eat at one of my favorite restaurants.
    b. go wherever they want to go.

  6. When people talk about my behavior, I tend to . . .
    a. listen and make up my own mind.
    b. believe them and adjust accordingly.

  7. When it comes to planning my time, I tend to spend it . . .
    a. doing what I want do.
    b. doing what my friends, family, or co-workers want to do.

  8. When I think about work, I can proudly say . . .
    a. I did it my way.
    b. I did it the best way for all concerned.

  9. In group activities, I tend to . . .
    a. make sure I get what I need.
    b. go along with the others.

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