Check all answers that apply.

  1. I'd like a career where I could do:
    a. the same thing every day
    b. pretty much the same thing, but in improved ways
    c. something different

  2. 2. When I look at these coins, I first notice how they are . . .

    a. similar
    b. similar but different
    c. different

  3. 3. When I take a vacation, I tend to . . .
    a. do the same thing every year
    b. do similar but new or more interesting things
    c. do different things

  4. 4. I tend to stay in the same place (city, home, etc.). . .
    a. over 15 years
    b. at least five years
    c. rarely over 18 months to two years

  5. 5. In general, I tend to eat . . .
    a. similar foods every day
    b. mainly the same things with slight modifications
    c. all kinds of varying foods and recipes

  6. 6. In my life, I tend to spend my time with . . .
    a. a stable group of family, friends, or co-workers
    b. familiar people but in better, more meaningful ways
    c. new people in new or different ways

  7. 7. When I watch television, I tend to watch . . .
    a. some shows or channels regularly
    b. the same shows with an occasional change of pace
    c. current shows or the news

  8. 8. In looking at my life, observers would say that I tend to . . .
    a. follow in the footsteps of others
    b. pursue the path of progress
    c. blaze new trails

  9. 9. I tend to like a life of. . .
    a. consistency and predictability
    b. personal and professional improvement
    c. wonderful surprises and different experiences

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