Big Picture-Detail

Check all answers that apply.

  1. I am more . . .
    a. visionary.
    b. down to earth.

  2. I like to . . .
    a. see the big picture.
    b. get into the details.

  3. I like to learn by . . .
    a. getting an overview first.
    b. doing some smaller piece first.

  4. When I visit new places, I like to first . . .
    a. get the lay of the land.
    b. pick specific points of interest to visit.

  5. I tend to be more of a . . .
    a. dreamer.
    b. doer.

  6. I tend to be more . . .
    a. open to the broad range of possibilities.
    b. practical about what can be done.

  7. When I have to get things done, I tend to . . .
    a. get a general sense of what needs to be done.
    b. make detailed lists of what needs to be done.

  8. I like . . .
    a. a broad, elevated view of any situation.
    b. a down-to-earth view of what needs to be done.

  9. I enjoy learning . . .
    a. concepts and ideas.
    b. specific tasks or skills.

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