Communication Style

Check all answers that apply.

  1. When I have leisure time, I prefer to:
    a. watch TV, a video, or go to the movies.
    b. listen to music, radio, or read books.
    c. do something athletic, physical, or using my hands.

  2. What I notice most about people is . . .
    a. how they look or dress.
    b. how they sound when they talk.
    c. how they move.

  3. I learn most easily when, I . . .
    a. see someone demonstrate what to do.
    b. get verbal instructions.
    c. get hands-on experience.

  4. When finding my way around a new city I tend to. . .
    a. use a map.
    b. ask for directions.
    c. trust my feelings about which way to go.

  5. I enjoy books or magazines that . . .
    a. have a lot of pictures.
    b. discuss interesting topics.
    c. cover sports, activities, or crafts.

  6. When I have many things to do, I . . .
    a. make lists for myself or imagine doing them.
    b. keep reminding myself that I have things to do.
    c. feel uncomfortable until all or most of the things are done.

  7. When I am talking to someone, I . . .
    a. try to see what they are saying.
    b. listen closely so that I can hear what they have to say.
    c. try to get in touch with what they are saying.

  8. When I solve problems, I . . .
    a. keep looking at alternatives until the pieces come together.
    b. talk about new approaches until something clicks.
    c. fit possibilities together until I get a feeling of balance.

  9. I like any place where:
    a. there are things to see and people to watch.
    b. there is music, conversation, or quiet.
    c. there is room to move.

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